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About Juan Carlos Galdamez

Advocate at Law, LLM University of Wales, Institute of Science and Technology UWIST, now University of Cardiff (Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance, Carriage of Goods by Sea, International Trade and Transport Law, International Law of the Sea, Prof, FJJ Cadwallader and Prof. ED Brown) Member of the Board of Directors of the Chilean Maritime League, Member of the Chilean Maritime Association, Affiliate to CMI. Legal, Marine and Ports Counselor at HLB-Chile.

Scope of Expertise

Marine Transport and Ports Management, Logistics, Marine Insurance, International Trade, and Integral Risk Management (IRM)

More than 40 years of experience in the field on Marine Law, including –inter alia- collision and accidents management on behalf of P&I, Maritime Administration as Chief Legal Officer of DGTM and MM (Chilean Coast guards), International Negotiations with MOD / UK, Peruvian Government, Brazilian Shipyards, OMI Chilean Delegate, Professor of Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance, Carriage of Goods by Sea & International Logistics.


Main Areas of Services

Full Legal assistance in the field of Commercial & Business law, Tax, Administrative and Customs law, as well as litigation.


In the maritime field, our services are not restricted to Maritime and Port Law, but through Associated Maritime Consultants, these services extend to the areas of managing and technical consultancy. i.e:

  1. Construction, sale and purchase agreements.
  2. Vessel registration and documentation.
  3. Naval mortgages.
  4. Charterparty and Bill of Lading disputes.
  5. Marine Pollution.
  6. Salvage, towage and collisions.
  7. Port and terminal management consultancy.
  8. Port Operators’ liabilities.
  9. Pre-loading Surveys, Vessel and Cargo Inspections.
  10. Reefer and dry container inspections.
  11. Investigations (theft, fraud, etc.) and claims handling
  12. Legal remedies on customs affairs.


Areas of expertise

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Qualifications and memberships

  • MBA, University of Cambridge
  • CPA, New York

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