Crime Prevention Model (MPD)

An adequate design and implementation of an MPD must be with an approach based on the risks that the organization faces, therefore a deep knowledge of the activity it carries out is necessary, which implies an adequate interaction between Senior Management and responsible for the business processes that are involved, which will allow the implementation of an MPD according to the situation, size, line of business, income level and complexity of the organization.
To implement the Crime Prevention Model (MPD) in all its significant aspects and based on the provisions of Law 20,393, it is key to understand that the organization must:
1. Appoint a Crime Prevention Officer (EPD)
2. Define the means and powers of the EPD.
3. Establish a Crime Prevention System.
4. Supervise and certify (optional) the crime prevention system.
Implementing an MPD will allow the organization to develop a comprehensive compliance approach, responding effectively to this and other regulations in force, taking advantage of the existing models in the organization and integrating them, and in the same way can have a model that, being periodically reviewed and updated, allows to be prepared, anticipating the inclusion of new crimes.
This service and our professionals is a commitment that accompanies senior management with good business practices, and in some sectors it may be an entry requirement for them.

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